Annual Report & Accounts 2010

Strength of vertical integration
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Severstal is a global steelmaker with vertical-integration and a focus on emerging markets.

With high-value-added products in attractive niche markets,
Severstal’s corporate strategy is to become one of the global industry leaders by EBITDA,
and sustain a leading position by margins and returns on investment.

Operational Highlights

Revenue in 2010: $13,573 million (2009 revenue: $9,594 million)

EBITDA in 2010: $3,263 million (2009 EBITDA: $1,589 million)

EBITDA margin in 2010: 24.0% (2009 EBITDA margin: 16.6%)

Strategy & Objectives

Cost competitiveness

Vertical integration

Presence in consolidated and growing markets

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