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Shareholder information

Severstal’s shares are traded on the largest Russian exchange – MICEX Stock exchange, which is a part of Moscow Exchange Group. Severstal’s shares are also circulated in the form of depositary receipts on the London Stock Exchange and through the PORTAL trading system in the US.

Stock ExchangeTicker
MICEX Stock ExchangeCHMF
London Stock ExchangeSVST

Severstal’s stocks traditionally contribute to the capitalisation of key indices on the stock exchanges on which the company is listed. Severstal is a solid part of MSCI Russia and FTSE Russia IOB at LSE and makes a sizeable contribution to the MICEX and RTS indices in Russia.

Severstal contribution to key Indices

RTS0.79 %
MICEX0.79 %
MSCI Russia0.86 %
FTSE Russia IOB0.81 %
Russian Depositary Index0.76 %
Bloomberg World Iron/Steel Index1.65 %

* By March 2014

According to sector analysts, Severstal remained the most popular Russian steel stock at the end of 2013. In 2013, upgrades of analysts’ recommendations and target prices were driven by successful cost-cutting, efficiency improvement in the steel and mining segments, the growing results of SNA and increasing share of high value-added products. According to analysts’ comments and reports, Severstal still has growth potential despite the challenging market environment. Key investment bank analysts emphasise in their reports that Severstal should be able to deliver more visible improvements on the operational level, as a result of the company’s focus on operational efficiency, free cash flow and the implementation of cost-saving measures across all divisions.

Investors and analysts appreciated Severstal’s Capital Markets Day which was held in London on November 14, 2013. According to investor feedback, the presentations had sufficient detail and a good level of disclosure and there weren’t any subjects or particular detail missing from them. The speeches themselves were clear and straightforward. Most of those who attended Severstal’s Capital Markets Day found it good that when presenting at the CMD the Company considers both debt holders and share holders. Analysts noted in their post CMD reports that the Company was clearly developing the right strategy going forward.

Severstal exhibits the highest daily trade volume among its key Russian peers which reflects the company’s strong liquidity position. Severstal’s GDRs average daily turnover at LSE was almost US$12 million while average daily turnover at Moscow Exchange (MICEX) exceeded 452 million roubles in 2013 (approximately US$13 million).

Maximum (closing price), Roubles397.90451.60
Minimum (closing price), Roubles205.40341.30
At year beginning389.50389.00
At year end319.00369.10
Change,%(18 %)( 5 %)
Turnover, Roubles mln113 ,128161 ,038
Maximum (closing price), US$13.2615.46
Minimum (closing price), US$6.2510.43
At year beginning13.2512.35
At year end9.8812.17
Change,%(25 %)( 2 %)
Turnover, US$ mln3 ,0454 ,928

Share Price at MICEX in 2013, RUB

GDR Price at LSE in 2013, USD


Severstal won Best Overall Investor Relations
at IR Magazine Russia & CIS awards for the
second year in a row. The winners of the
prestigious IR awards were selected by Thomson
Reuters Extel, IR Magazine Russia & CIS’s
research partner. Independent survey among
sell-side and buy-side representatives investing in
Russia based companies was open from March
18 to May 3, 2013.

Credit ratings

Credit rating
(Long-term, foreign currency)
Standard & Poor’sMoody’sFitch
Latest update21.06.201226.08.201306.08.2012


Severstal resumed paying dividends in 2010 and according to the dividend policy approved by the Board the company continues to pay dividends of at least 25 per cent of its net income.

Dividends per share and per GDR announced for the periods ended in 2013:

3m 20130.43 roubles (US$ 0.01)   
6m 20132.03 roubles (US$ 0.06)   
9m 20132.01 roubles (US$ 0.06)   
12m 2013*3.83 roubles (US$ 0.11)   

* recommended by the Board, to be approved by shareholders at AGM on June, 11 2014

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