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Key performance indicators

In 2013, Severstal International demonstrated a very solid earnings performance. It delivered its highest EBITDA for the last three years despite continuously falling steel prices.

2013 steel products shipments were up 4.2 per cent year on year driven by stronger sales of galvanised and CRC products. Higher volumes helped to offset weaker realised prices and kept FY2013 revenue flat year on year at US$3,878 million. By focusing on operational and sales improvements the division was able to significantly improve its earnings, delivering FY2013 EBITDA of US$244 million, which was 31.9 per cent higher year on year (FY12: $185 million). FY2013 EBITDA margin went up to 6.3 per cent (FY2012: 4.8%), while EBITDA per tonne increased year on year to US$52 from US$41 in FY2012.

In 2013, Severstal International’s average headcount was 2,135.

Key performance indicators20132012Change %
Production of crude steel (thousand tonnes)4,9794,5878.5%
Sales of steel products (thousand tonnes)4,6544,4654.2%
Revenue (US$ million)3,878.13,878.50.0%
Gross profit (US$ million)152.7103.647.4%
Profit/(loss) from operations (US$ million)49.7(6.9)n/a
Operating margin (%)1.3%(0.2%)n/a
EBITDA (US$ million)244.3185.132.0%
EBITDA per tonne (US$/tonne)52.541.526.5%
EBITDA margin (%)6.3%4.8%n/a
Average steel product price (US$/tonne)*806843(4.4%)
Hot-rolled strip and plate (US$/tonne)704744(5.4%)
Cold-rolled sheet (US$/tonne)863900(4.1%)
Galvanized and other metallic coated sheet (US$/tonne)947988(4.1%)

* Steel products include semi-finished, rolled, and downstream product.

EBITDA drivers in 2013, US$m

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