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Operational and financial results

Severstal Russian Steel is one of Severstal’s largest production units. In 2013, the division produced approximately 68 per cent of Severstal’s total crude steel output, 82 per cent of total hot metal production and accounted for 60 per cent of total revenues excluding inter-segment revenue.

Despite worsening conditions in its target markets in 2013, Severstal Russian Steel increased its steel shipments by 3.4 per cent to 10.6 million tonnes (excluding scrap). The company increased its sales of high value-added products such as colour-coated sheet by 21.7 per cent year on year, and decreased its shipments of slabs by 54.9 per cent year on year. This partially offset the steel price smoothing during the year, with the average selling price going down by 10.3 per cent to US$674 per tonne in 2013. As a result, the division’s revenue decreased by 6.8 per cent year on year to US$8,033 million compared with US$8,617 million the previous year.

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