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Key performance indicators

Despite the reduction in the top line figure, Severstal Russian Steel was able to increase its EBITDA for 2013 by 5.3 per cent to US$1,008 million from US$957 million. This was thanks to lower input prices as well as cost reductions at the production and administrative levels. The EBITDA margin was also up by 1.4 percentage points year on year to 12.5 per cent. In 2013 we sold 48 per cent of our portfolio as high value added products, up two percentage points from 46 per cent in 2012. Sales volume to the domestic market increased to 63 per cent compared with 60 per cent a year ago.

In 2013, Severstal Russian Steel’s average headcount totalled 43,316.

EBITDA drivers in 2013, US$m

Key performance indicators20132012Change %
Revenue (US$ million)8,032.98,617.1(6.8%)
Gross profit (US$ million)1,810.31,905.7(5.0%)
Profit from operations (US$ million)653.6613.46.6%
Operating margin (%)8.1%7.1%n/a
EBITDA (US$ million)1,007.6956.95.3%
EBITDA per tonne (US$/tonne)94.792.91.9%
EBITDA margin (%)12.5%11.1%n/a
Average steel product price (US$/tonne)674751(10.3%)
Hot-rolled strip and plate (US$/tonne)550613(10.3%)
Large diameter pipes (US$ /tonne)1,5851,760( 9.9%)
Cold-rolled flat products (US$ /tonne)607710(14.5%)
Galvanized and other metallic coated sheet (US$/tonne)822948(13.3%)
Colour-coated sheet (US$/tonne)1,0601,165(9.0%)
Metalware products (US$/tonne)1,0651,170(9.0%)
Long products (US$/tonne)589669(12.0%)
Semi-finished products (US$/tonne)445527(15.6%)
Other tubes and pipes, formed shapes (US$/tonne)686759( 9.6%)
Average scrap price (US$/tonne)281304(7.6%)
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