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Our principles

Our commitment to sustainability

Steel is a highly useful and versatile material and does not lose its useful characteristics. When no longer required, it is very easy to recycle. Making steel is much less energy intensive than making other materials with similar characteristics and utility. In these respects, steel supports sustainable development.

Across all of our operations, we pursue new business opportunities that bring economic and environmental benefits to our customers and other stakeholders. Wherever we operate, we bring significant economic and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. We can only achieve these long-term business outcomes if we have social stability and partnership. Therefore, our commitment to being a sustainable business means that we are ever mindful of health and safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility, and particularly that we ensure the wellbeing of our host communities.

Our strategy for sustainability

We aim to be a reliable partner for all our stakeholders, and to do the following:

  • Create value for shareholders
  • Help to realise the creative potential of employees
  • Constantly strive to improve labour safety
  • Comply with legal requirements, and work with the state to achieve sustainable development
  • Improve environmental performance and use resources more efficiently
  • Contribute to social and economic development in our regions

How we manage sustainability

All of our businesses follow common health, safety and environment (HSE), corporate social responsibility, social investments, and human resource management policies that are overseen by our Board. We regularly publish social reports consistent with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Working with stakeholders

Severstal is an open organisation, and our stability relies on efficient collaboration with many different partners. Honest, constructive collaboration is important to our development as an international business leader and a contributor to sustainable social development. This dialogue is also vital to identify early warning signs, needs and opportunities, and to help us to implement our voluntary commitments and increase our effectiveness in sustainability.

Our partners play an invaluable role as follows:



Severstal’s Board of Directors plays a key role in explaining our strategy in line with shareholder decisions. Members of the board visit our worldwide businesses on a regular basis.


Employees are involved in resolving key social development and industrial safety issues through a system of collective agreements with labour unions and healthcare committees.

Business partners

We build long-term strategic relationships with our suppliers and customers. Working with key customers, special committees, steering groups and advisory councils, we strive to satisfy customer demands effectively.


We are strongly committed to our legal obligations as established by the government. We shape efficient partnerships with government authorities, to resolve regional development issues within the framework of social and economic partnership agreements and special-purpose programs.


We participate in initiatives launched by Russian and international business associations focused on improving professional and ethical corporate standards.

Non-profit organisations; members of local communities

We liaise with non-profit organisations to support projects in areas where we operate, relating to environmental safety, support for mothers and children, healthcare development, culture and sports.

Our long-term commitment to sustainability focuses on the following four areas:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Environment
  • Development of our people
  • Social commitment.
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