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Shareholder Information

Severstal’s shares are traded on the largest Russian exchange – MICEX Stock exchange, which is a part of Moscow Exchange Group. Moreover, Severstal’s shares are circulated in the form of depositary receipts on the London Stock Exchange and through the PORTAL trading system in the US.

Severstal’s stocks traditionally contribute to the capitalisation of key indices on the stock exchanges on which the company is listed. Severstal makes a sizeable contribution to the MICEX and RTS indices in Russia. Additionally, Severstal is a solid constituent of MSCI Russian and FTSE Russia IOB at LSE.

Severstal contribution to key Indices

According to sector analysts, by the end of 2015 Severstal was a leader in terms of efficiency improvements implementation, which was reflected in the stock price. According to analysts’ comments and reports, in such a volatile market environment the Company’s ability to generate substantial free cash flow level throughout the cycle as well as its clear intention to realise significant value for shareholders via generous dividend payments balanced with an aim to retain strong financial position makes it the best in class protective asset.

Investors and analysts appreciated Severstal’s Capital Markets Day which was held in London on October 23, 2015. According to investor feedback, the presentations had sufficient detail and a good level of disclosure and there were no subjects or particular detail missing from them. The speeches themselves were clear and straightforward. Most of those who attended Severstal’s Capital Markets Day found it good that Severstal considers both debt holders and shareholders. Analysts noted in their post CMD reports that Severstal was clearly developing the right strategy going forward.

Severstal exhibits the highest daily trade volume among its key Russian peers which reflects the company’s strong liquidity position. Severstal’s GDRs average daily turnover at LSE was almost US$10 million while average daily turnover at Moscow Exchange (MICEX) was around 600 million roubles in 2015.  

Credit ratings

Share Price at MICEX in 2015, RUB

GDR Price at LSE in 2015, USD

For the fourth consecutive year Severstal was among the best investor relations teams in Russia. It took the second place in Overall Investor Relations nomination in 2015. The winners of the prestigious IR awards were selected by Thomson Reuters Extel, IR Magazine Russia & CIS’s research partner. An independent survey among sell-side and buy-side representatives investing in Russia based companies was open from 21 March to 29 April 2015. Severstal outran competition from fellow nominees such as Evraz and NLMK.


Severstal resumed paying dividends in 2010. Severstal Board of Directors has modified the Company’s dividend policy to return 50 % of the net profit for a given reporting period to shareholders provided that Net debt/EBITDA is below 1.0x, reflecting Severstal’s mission to maximise shareholder returns.

Dividends per share/GDR announced for the periods ended in 2015:

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