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Occupational and industrial safety

Our position

At Severstal, we believe that leadership in the field of health and safety is the key to sustainable development and long-term success. In fact, improved safety is one of our key performance indicators, crucial to the long-term competitiveness of our business.

Our Health and Safety Policy, approved by our CEO, sets guidelines for safe operations throughout all of Severstal’s companies, enterprises and production processes. The Policy states six fundamental principles:

  • Safe working conditions are a priority
  • Health and Safety management is a key component of the Severstal Business System
  • Workplace hazards must be identified and all accidents reported
  • Employees should behave safely and responsibly
  • We comply with all health and safety regulations
  • Health and safety information must be clear and straightforward.

The policy is under control of the Board Safety Committee. It is implemented on-the-ground by local management.

Our action

We remain fully committed to running a safe and accident-free business. Our goal is to achieve zero fatalities. To achieve this, we run a continuous safety improvement programme across all our operations, aiming to employ the best international health and safety practices and become the leading Russian company in this field.

This is the Labour Safety project, which we have developed as part of the Severstal Business System. The project aims to improve performance by involving all employees and reinforcing a culture of safety based on personal responsibility and recognition. The project is structured in three parts: providing safer working conditions, training, and engaging employees. An essential element of the Labour Safety project is a comprehensive audit and analysis, allowing us to monitor and compare standards and practices across the company, helping us to improve health and safety performance further.

Our safety system is certificated with OHSAS 18001:2007 standards at Karelsky Okatysh, Olcon, Cherepovets Steel Mill, Izhora pipe mill, SIA Severstal Distribution.

In 2015, we substantially improved Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) compared with the 2014, which reflects our relentless efforts on our way to achieve zero injuries throughout the year.

LTIFR* – Lost time injury frequency rate

*All figures exclude Severstal North America and PBS Coals, which were disposed in 2014.


In 2015, we continued investing in labour safety initiatives. In 2015 over 3.3 billion roubles was invested in improving safety at Severstal’s assets. In addition, all of Severstal’s assets lead regular safety information campaigns and have systems in place to monitor employee feedback at all of the assets, which helps to register and analyse safety issues.

DivisionIndustrial safety measures implemented
Russian SteelSafety control systems have been integrated into production control system during the year strengthening safety measures implementation control. 16 million roubles was invested in econometers and self-rescue devices for gas dangerous areas at Cherepovets Steel Mill.
ResourcesIn 2015 Vorkutaugol continued to purchase modern personal safety equipment for miners. Automatic stone dusters “SHARF” for approximately 12 million roubles were installed at Vorkutaugol in order to improve coal dust-explosion protection on site.
At Olcon and Karelsky Okatysh selective investments were implemented in order to avoid the most frequent injuries.
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