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Severstal’s Principles

Commitment to Sustainable Development

For Severstal, corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of successful business and a driver of competitive advantage.

Sustainable development and social responsibility are embedded priorities in Severstal’s business strategy reflecting our vision as a high-performance and socially responsible company.

For Severstal, leadership means being a leader in both economic and social value creation for all stakeholders. Severstal shares the principles of the Social Charter of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and Sustainable Development Policy of the World Steel Association (Worldsteel), reflecting the best practices of Russian and international businesses in productive collaboration with the communities.

How we manage sustainability

The Social Responsibility Policy of Severstal is consistent with our mission, strategy and corporate values. This policy is also aligned with the principles and approaches of corporate social responsibility, as recognised by the Russian and international business communities.

Severstal has adopted corporate policies in the following areas:

  • Occupational health and industrial safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Human resource and social investment management

These policies are overseen by our Board. We regularly publish social reports consistent with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


Looking after all stakeholder interests is a priority for Severstal and key to ensuring that we are able to deliver on our strategic objectives.

Severstal’s key stakeholders are:

  • Shareholders and investors
  • Employees
  • Government authorities
  • Business partners
  • Local communities
  • General public

In cooperation with stakeholders, Severstal seeks to balance our corporate objectives, priorities of individual regions and interests of a wide range of social communities.

The tools we use to work with our stakeholders enable us to efficiently identify possible risks and opportunities for business development and enhance our social initiatives on a timely basis.

We use the following tools to work with our stakeholders:

  1. External communications on our corporate initiatives:
    • A system of internal and external corporate communication channels
    • Presentations for investors and professional communities
  2. Feedback channels:
    • Regular employee and consumer surveys
    • Public opinion research within Severstal and our regions
    • Employee and consumer hotlines
  3. Joint work on key challenges:
    • Cooperation with business partners, regional authorities, trade unions, non-governmental organisations and professional associations on business contracts, agreements and cooperation arrangements
    • Meetings and negotiations
    • Public discussions
    • Joint workgroups
  4. Expertise exchange and research of best practices:
    • Membership in NGOs and professional associations
    • Organisation and participation in conferences, roundtables and forums

The key principles of stakeholder engagement are established in the following corporate documents:

  • Code of Corporate Governance
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Code of Business Partnership
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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