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Talent development

Support for High School, College and University Students and Young Professionals and Partnerships with Educational Institutions

The recruitment of high-potential students and graduates is a priority of Severstal’s HR policy. We work hard to meet our long-term need for young professionals, to improve the quality of training of our future employees and to make the metals and mining industry more attractive for job seekers.

We collaborate with specialised educational institutions to train highly skilled professionals. Severstal works with approximately 20 specialised universities, six vocational schools and several high schools offering Severstal-specific programmes in the cities where we work.

Career orientation

Our aim is to make the steelmaking industry and the science behind it exciting for younger generations. One of our traditional approaches to promoting careers in the industry is the Severstal-specific programmes in high schools. These programmes have been established in our mining regions since 2008, including Olenegorsk, Kostomuksha and Vorkuta, and, since 2015, Cherepovets. Our specialised programme covers grades 9 to 11 and includes advanced physics, chemistry, mathematics and information technology coursework. These courses are taught by university professors and students have access to Severstal’s management team and experts throughout the course.

Students enrolled in the specialised programmes also have an opportunity to take a tour of the university, Severstal’s headquarters and our core steelmaking facility, Cherepovets Steel Mill, during the spring break.

Our career orientation events include the Severstal World of Occupations Contest. We help young students to make career choices in familiar environments, including a game specially designed for social networks. The game replicates the workplace environment in a variety of scenarios so students can gain some understanding of the various trade and manufacturing processes through completing realistic employee assignments. To progress in the game, the students must develop their skills, acquire new knowledge and pass tests.

Vocational Schools

Cherepovets Steel Mill partners with Cherepovets Steelmaking College and Cherepovets Technology College. In 2015 more than 400 new students enrolled in steelmaking programmes in these schools.

Severstal supports public-private partnership in education. This partnership includes the development of a full-scale professional staff training system with the whole range of services from primary education to professional development courses. Severstal works with the Government of Vologda region on the development of professional education and talent supply system for the steelmaking industry. We signed our first agreement in January 2014 and extended it in 2015.

Severstal invested approximately 53 million roubles in vocational education support programmes in 2015.

Key areas of focus in development of vocational education:

SSM Tyazhmash signed an agreement with Cherepovets Steelmaking College and Cherepovets Technology College on the development of vocational education in Vologda region. The purpose of this agreement is to attract new talent to the machinery repair industry. SSM Tyazhmash organised the training and participation of Cherepovets Steelmaking College and Cherepovets Technology College students in the regional welding technology contest WorldSkills Russia that took place in 2015 in Vologda.


Severstal works closely with universities on student education. Our primary objective is to ensure that new graduates have appropriate knowledge, skills and qualifications to meet the latest requirements of Severstal and the industry as a whole. We agreed with the universities to extend internships from four to ten weeks. This helps the students to get a better understanding of their area and complementing domains. Extended internships are long enough for students to be able to get the clearances they need for workplace training and all the information they require to write their graduation papers.

For soft skill development, we organise the Business School of Severstal, which is a two-day camp for our top students. Our 15 best students attended it in 2015.

In 2015 Severstal’s managers and leading experts hosted approximately 20 open lectures and workshops for university students.

  • 350 new graduates joined Severstal in 2015, including 289 university graduates and 61 graduates of vocational schools.
  • Approximately 1,800 students completed their internships in Russian businesses of Severstal.
  • Nearly 2,000 high school students attended our career orientation events in our cities.

Onboarding of Young Professionals

Our onboarding and employee development system helps our new employees to integrate into our team and quickly achieve high performance.

The programme includes professional training and a range of courses on personal productivity, business fundamentals, and career development.

In 2015 we organised the Third Divisional Conference of Young Professionals in Cherepovets, with 72 participants. We carefully selected the attendants from the ranks of our new employees. We took into consideration their performance, contributions to Idea Factory, and participation in corporate social and sports events.

Severstal holds a Young Professional contest. This contest included two phases in 2015. In the first phase, 53 participants submitted their projects and research that are either ready for use or are already used in Severstal. In the second phase, our experts had to demonstrate their expertise through additional assignments.

The majority of our businesses are involved in the Severstal Youth Council. We offer our young employees multiple opportunities to participate in large-scale events every year. These include the Youth Humour Festival, the Singing Severstal Creative Contest, the Our Time Festival of Innovation and Creativity, the Young Metallurgist Family Contest, and the Meeting of Generations Sports Event.

Severstal has an Engagement Policy for Students, Graduates and Young Professionals in place. In January 2015, we adopted the minimum compensation and benefits policy for students, new graduates and young professionals. Severstal offers the following benefits to young professionals:

  • Signing bonuses
  • Subsidised housing
  • Reimbursement of relocation expenses (tickets and luggage)

Our career opportunities and job fairs are advertised on social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and VK.

Alexey Mordashov

The strength of Severstal’s performance this year against a challenging market background is testament to the quality and commitment of all colleagues across the business. I would like to thank them all for their hard work over the course of the year.

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