Talent development

Our people are key to the company’s success and we continue to invest in developing the skills and careers of our team.

We focus on a number of areas:

  1. Support for students, young professionals and partnerships with educational institutions;
  2. Career orientation;
  3. Vocational Schools;
  4. Universities;
  5. Professional training at Severstal.

1. Support for Students and Young Professionals and Partnerships with Educational Institutions

Developing and recruiting promising students and graduates is one of Severstal’s HR priorities.

We collaborate with specialist educational institutions in the cities where we operate; including 20 universities, six vocational schools and several high schools where we offer Severstal-specific courses.

2. Career orientation

Severstal has been running Severstal-targeted courses in high schools since 2008. These courses are taught by university professors and students are given access to Severstal’s management team and experts throughout the course. They also have an opportunity to take a tour of the university, Severstal’s headquarters and our core steelmaking facility, Cherepovets Steel Mill, during the spring break.

3. Universities

Severstal works closely with universities. Our primary objective is to ensure that new graduates have the knowledge, skills and qualifications required to meet the evolving requirements of Severstal and the industry as a whole.

In 2016 Severstal Russian Steel’s Technical Development and Quality Department organised practical studies for metallurgical and engineering students from all over Russia.

Severstal also runs a Business School, which in 2016 was a two-day camp for our top 15 students.

In November 2016, we opened the Severstal Leadership Programme, a unique programme for graduates and young professionals aimed at developing the future leaders of Severstal who will be able to gain experience in on-going and project work in such key areas as Severstal Business System, manufacturing, finance, purchases or sales. It is designed for two years. In five to seven years they should be able to join Severstal’s TOP-100 executives 1,223 applications from more than 230 Russian and international universities were received in 2016.

4. Professional training at Severstal

Severstal is committed to supporting the professional development of all of its employees. This includes offering courses on productivity, business fundamentals, and career development.

In 2016, 72 new employees attended the Third Divisional Conference of Young Professionals in Cherepovets.

Key areas of focus in development of vocational education: